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Put contextual data at your fingertips with AI-powered analytics native to Salesforce. CRM Analytics helps you see ahead, prioritize, and seize business opportunities — the moment it matters most. Automatically uncover simple answers to complex business questions using transparent, understandable AI models built with clicks, not code. Learn what happened and why, so you can better predict what comes next. Security and privacy Learn how Google protects your private information and puts you in control.

We base our suggestions on aggregated data that we collect from all searches, and also from your individual search history. Connecting your Mail account to a third-party service may require you to share information with that service . Yahoo does not control, and is not responsible for, how those third-party services process and use your data. Tableau Public aifurnaces is a free platform to explore, create and publicly share data visualizations online. With the largest repository of data visualizations in the world to learn from, Tableau Public makes developing data skills easy. Powered by machine learning , Einstein Discovery delivers predictions and recommendations within Tableau workflows for smarter decision-making.

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We do not share information that, on its own, can be used to reasonably identify or contact you . We may share pseudonymous information, including demographic information. We share information such as your search query, IP address and other information from your web browser or app, with these search partners. Visit your Search preferences to manage your Search experience, including safe search, and whether or not you see personalised Search results.


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